Practice sessions and blues workshops

This semester, we will be holding practice sessions to cement what's been taught in class. We will alternate between lindy hop and west coast tunes, with a blues session on March 1.

In a practice session, you can expect to experience dancing full songs with one partner, and getting a feel for dance outside the structure of patterns taught in class. It's also a space where it's okay to pause in the middle of a dance to ask your partner to repeat a move, or work on a move that doesn't quite feel right yet.

Blues is an African-American vintage jazz dance based on feel and partnership.  Among its distinctive features are a rhythmic pulse, relaxed frame and the use of pauses in musicality. Blues dancing is often a slow, intimate affair, with dancers learning techniques to respect their partner's boundaries and exert their own. It is most commonly danced to blues music, though it can also be danced to many other kinds of music (often referred to as "alternative blues"). Learn to blues dance and you won't just awkwardly sway from side to side when that slow song comes on.